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Billed yearly

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  • Unlimited modules
  • Live preview in the Appspotr Viewer
  • Push notifications
  • Automatic publishing on Google Play

For store owners and creatives





Billed monthly

Billed yearly

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  • All features of the Basic plan
  • Sell products in your app through the Shop module
  • Product- and order management
  • Payments handled by Braintree

For agencies aiming to create multiple apps

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  • All features of the Advanced plan
  • Premium support
  • Market cooperations
  • Price discounts

* In addition to the cost of the Appspotr subscription, Google and Apple charges you for publishing the app on Google Play and App Store respectively.

All plans include

Support: Email support, maintenance, free updates and upgrades. Content based modules: E-commerce, social feed, news, video, images, rss and more... Location based modules: Locations, directions, linkable locations and more... Media explorer: All your images and assets is saved in the cloud CMS live updates: Update app content at any time in an easy to use CMS Design and customization: Design, colors, icons, splash screens, icons and more... GFX-Editor: Upload and edit your images with ease Appspotr Viewer: Live preview apps on your own device on both smartphones and tablets

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Are you GDPR-compliant?
Yes. It’s important for us that Appspotr is being run in accordance with the new GDPR law and of course, you do not under any circumstances violate the law through your use of Appspotr.
How long are your contracts?
You pay monthly or annually for Appspotr’s services. You can start & stop at any time.
Can I publish apps on my own Google Play account?
Yes, you can publish your app on your own Google Play account.
Do I need a credit card to publish my apps?
Yes, You need a valid credit card to publish your apps, but the trial account doesn’t require a credit card.
Are there any Appspotr ads in the apps once published?
Who owns the source code?
Appspotr grants you a license to use and modify your app but only when used on the Appspotr system. Your app can not operate without the Appspotr backend. On this basis, you can not own or move the source code.
Can I become a reseller for Appspotr?
Contact us for more information on becoming a reseller.
Are there any third party costs?
Yes, your Google Play Developer Account is a $25 one-time fee and is needed to publish your app.