Frequently asked questions

How long are your contracts?

You pay monthly or annually.

Can I publish apps on my own Google Play account?

Yes, you have to have your own Google Play account and we will publish the apps on it.

Do I need a credit card to publish my app?

Yes, you are required to have a valid credit card to publish your apps.

Where can I find analytics for my app?

Login to your Google Play account to find analytics for your app.

Do I have to republish the app after updating it?

If it is new pages you are adding those changes will happen automatically. If you want to change your app’s metadata (name, icon, splash screens, description, etc.) then you will need to go through the whole publishing process again.

Does Appspotr develop custom-made apps?

The idea behind Appspotr is for you to build an app yourself. We simply provide you with the tools to do so.
If you need professional help with your app you can contact wiccon.se

How do I know when my app is published?

You’ll receive an email once the app is published on Google Play store.

Are there any Appspotr Ads in the apps once published?


Are you GDPR-compliant?

Yes. It’s important for us that Appspotr is being run in accordance with the new GDPR law and of course, you do not under any circumstances violate the law through your use of Appspotr.

Who owns the source code?

Appspotr grants you a license to use and modify your app but only when used on the Appspotr system. Your app can not operate without the Appspotr backend. On this basis, you can not own or move the source code.

Can I become a reseller for Appspotr?

Contact us for more information on becoming a reseller.

Are there any third-party costs?

Yes, if you want to publish your app on Google Play you need your own Google Play Developer Account. Setting up a Google Play Developer Account is a $25 one-time fee.

What’s the difference between Android APK and Android Automatic?

Android APK means that we send you the app’s APK and then you’re responsible for publishing it on Google Play, entering information, taking screenshots, updating the app when needed and so forth. We recommend this for the more advanced users.
If you select Android Automatic we’ll handle everything for you. Publishing on the Google Play Store, entering information, taking screenshots, updating the app when needed and so forth. We recommend this option for most users, if there’s no special reason where the app’s APK-file is needed.

Can I remove the privacy policy?

At this time, the privacy policy inside the app can’t be changed. We’re working on a solution for this though.