Choose modules to your app in the Appspotr Marketplace which contains an ever-growing range of powerful and dynamic features, services and integrations.

Shop Advanced

Display products to sell in your app. Filter out what you want to display or show all products in your E-commerce product list at once. Note that you will have to activate the E-commerce service. Available in the Advanced plan.

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Topics Basic

If you want to separate your news feed into different topics that the user can choose from, then the Topics page is a perfect match. Topics page also supports push notifications.

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QR Reader
QR Reader Basic

Add a standard QR reader to your app. If you are all in for QR codes and have content that you want to link to add to, add this QR reader.

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Directions Basic

The Directions Page is a map view with your current position and your place of interest on a map. Directions is displayed with a native map and with the quickest route drawn out on the map.

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Social Feed
Social Feed Basic

A social news feed with likes & comments. Interact with your users by creating posts with text or images.

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Content Basic

Content module is a page where you can display text, images, PayPal buttons, embedded videos from YouTube & Vimeo, audio from SoundCloud and lots of other things. Build & edit your content in the easiest way possible with the Content Page. Content is displayed as a single column page.

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List Basic

Link list items to other pages. This is a key functionality page that gives you the possibility to build hierarchy in your app. Link your lists to other List pages to dig deep.

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Web page
Web page Basic

Display content from the web in a web view. The Web page is perfect if you have mobile friendly web that you want to show in your app.

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Gallery Basic

Upload your images to the media explorer and then add them to the Gallery page with a title and description. Images is displayed in a grid layout with the possibility to click, swipe & zoom in both portrait and landscape mode.

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RSS Basic

Displays an RSS feed.

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Locations Basic

Use the locations module to build native maps with unlimited amounts of markers. A marker can be linked to any other page you have in your app.

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Forms Basic

Build any type of form for your app. Submitted data can be sent as an email or in JSON format to a URL of your choice.

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Quiz Basic

Quiz module.

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News Basic

News page offers you the possibility to have a news feed in your app. The news page also supports push notifications. News is displayed in a single column view.

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