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Appspotr is a Swedish software company that offers a cloud-based platform for the development of apps. The platform makes it possible for companies, organisations and individuals to quickly, easy and in a cost effective way develop apps in large volumes and publish these on Google Play. The latest version of the platform was launched in August 2015 and has within a year collected approximately 150 000 registrered users.

Appspotr's platform is strongly inspired by the world leading web publishing tools such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly and Squarespace. These platforms have under the latest decade collected a considerable amount of market share when it comes to development of web sites. The reason for this is that these are very cheap, they are easy to use, you can build web sites from finished themes, they are flexible and extendable, they are secure, search engine friendly and have big support groups who contribute to future development. Appspotr's fundamental philosophy is to provide a corresponding platform for the development of apps.

Appspotr has so far developed a basic platform where anyone can design, develop and publish a professional app. With no cost for the user. In addition, Appspotr provides a marketplace where users can buy addition premium features. Over time the marketplace will be extended with more features, developed both by Appspotr and third party developers. For the users of the platform this means a constantly growing selection of features, such as modules for social media, maps, e-commerce, chat forums and forms. For developers the marketplace is a possibility to get paid for their services. The marketplace therefore brings together creative users with talented programmers.

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Anyone can use Appspotr's platform for free. The company does however primarily target professionals, such as advertisement-, PR- and communications agencies, web designers, web developers and other creative professions in digital development and communication. The target audience is already to a high textent using web publishing tools for development of web sites. With Appspotr's platform these creative users gets a powerful tool for the development of apps, which increases what they can offer their customers.

Appspotr's business model is today based on revenue streams from premium subscriptions but the company's goal is to expand the business model and among other things obtain transaction fees from sales of third party features and other partners. The market for apps is strongly growing. A survey from the analysis company App Annie estimates that the global market for apps in 2016 will reach approximately 50.9 billions USD. A number which is expected to increase to 101.1 billions USD in 2020. 1Appspotr's market is global and the company today has registrered users in over 180 countries.

The company is currently in a strong development- and growth phase. The company intends to receive 10.2 million SEK in connection with listing on AktieTorget. These funds will be used to develop a developer portal with development tools and interfaces which makes it possible for third party developers to build features for Appspotr's platform.

1The app economy could double to $101 billion by 2020, retrieved on October 23rd 2016.