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About us

With Appspotr anyone can create, preview and publish their iOS and Android apps without coding.

Our mission

Our mission is to build an app platform where anyone can build native apps online, without compromising on quality or design.

Our vision

Our vision is to make Appspotr the world's most used and celebrated app platform ever.

The team

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Patric Bottne


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Konstantinos Koukouvis


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Scott Crocker


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Salli Antar


About us

Appspotr is geared towards creative professionals. It provides a low-cost, consumer friendly, and time-saving app development platform. Unlike anything on the market, it is available to smaller non-programming businesses. Appspotr is completely user-friendly for anyone and everyone.

The Appspotr platform is designed and developed in coordination with creative customers. Their input provides invaluable insight into how an app development platform should work. No matter if you are a creative professional in a large company, a small company, an advertising agency or an organization – they all demand the same things when it comes to app development for non-programmers.

Appspotr takes app development a step further. Not only do we offer an app development platform with interface and functionality allowing creative professionals have greater access and freedom to create their own apps, we also invite developers to our platform.
We believe that the best app development platform should not only be extremely user-friendly, but a powerful CMS tool, as well as supportive for the major mobile platforms. Because Appspotr is an open platform it is constantly growing and improving with new input supplied from outside contributors. The traditional closed app development platform will always eventually reach a ceiling for creative professionals. We have opened Appspotr to developers so that all the limitations that traditional app development platforms face have been eliminated.

This means developers, in a near future, can build pre-programmed app modules and deploy them for review and approval to our Marketplace and then have other professionals purchase them for their particular app. Developers are able to make recurring income every month from their app modules purchased in Appspotr Marketplace, and creative professionals have access to a never-ending supply of app modules to buy for their app. It also means that developers in large companies have a tool for internal publishing, as well as complete control of the company’s app development. Publishing from a single platform allows the app building tools to be unleashed within the organization encouraging creativity.
With Appspotr, creative professionals have access to an ever growing range of app modules providing unlimited opportunities to build and update their app with interesting, engaging and valuable content.

Whether you are building an app for yourself and your business, or if you are building a variety of apps for your business, Appspotr is the best long-term choice for you. A published app should never have to be removed from an app store because it no longer engages its audience. With Appspotr, you can always update your app quickly and easily with new features and services from the Appspotr Marketplace.

Our mission is to bring creative professionals and developers together to make the development and publication of apps faster, easier and more economical.

Appspotr would never be where we are today without our hardworking team of superheroes. Our team is totally committed to change the world of app development. With perseverance and determination, we will succeed!